Barilla Bay Restaurant

Barilla Bay is surrounded by fully landscaped gardens and overlooks the spectacular scenery of Pittwater and Mount Wellington. The relaxed atmosphere of our seafood restaurant will allow you to enjoy a totally Tasmanian dining experience.

Capturing the essence of Tasmania, Barilla Bay restaurant’s focus on fresh, local produce allows the chef to create an uncomplicated and approachable style of food, we are sure you will savour as a highlight of your visit to Tasmania.

Enjoy our quality casual service, contemporary cuisine, and beautiful location with friends, family, or business colleagues. Large groups can also be catered for -  Barilla Bay Restaurant is available for corporate functions, wedding receptions and special events.

Lunch:  7 days 11.30am - 2.30pm


Dinner: Friday & Saturday 5:30PM-8:00PM


Closed Christmas Day / Open Boxing Day / Open New Years Day 




Shucking Oyster Tasting Platter                                                $69

30 Barilla Bay oysters served with 5 each of the below toppings                                                            


Oyster Toppings

Hot                                                        Cold

Kilpatrick                                          Natural

Mornay                                              Shallot red wine vinaigrette

Attabiata                                            Bell Pepper Gel


½ dozen oysters with 1 topping                     $19

1 dozen oysters with 2 topping                       $32


Barilla Bay Oyster Shooters (gf)

1 oyster shooter                                            $8

3 oyster shooters                                          $20

(Please see our special boards for todays shooters)


Seafood Chowder                                              $21

Creamy seafood soup with a selection of market seafood & fresh herbs                                              


Barilla Salt & Pepper Squid                               $22

Lightly fried, served with fcrispy, dressed Asian slaw & lemon                                                              


Cold Smoked Salmon (gf)                                   $18

Served with red onion, capers & creme fraiche


Barilla Prawn Cocktail (gf)                                    $26

Served with goddess tabasco sauce, salad greens and lemon                                                                


Fish 3 Ways                                                                $28

Cold smoked salmon, salt & pepper squid, prawns & 2 natural oysters


Pan Seared Tasmanian Scallops (gf)                   $29

Crispy fried pancetta, smashed corn & herb oil


Chargrilled Sous Vide Octopus (gf)                  $38                  

Pepperonata, Lemon & skordalia sauce                                                            


Market Fish - check daily specials board for todays selection

Crumbed                                                                 MP

Beer Battered                                                        MP

Served with fat fries & garden greens, lemon & tartare


Laska Baked Salmon (gf)                                    $31

Steamed greens, kumera sauce & smoked mussel caponatta                                                                   


Pepper Seared Swordfish (gf)                             $34

Corn, tomato & prawn salsa, citrus dressing                   


Whole Flounder (gf)                                              $34

Oven baked with salt & pepper, garden salad and lemon                                                                                                               



  • Marinara (gf)                                                $29

Tomato based chilli sauce, Tasmanian seafood, herbs                                                                

  • Mushroom (gf)                                              $26

Sauteed mushrooms, rocket, parmesan                                                                   


Baked aubergine Parmigiana  (gf)                       $26

Served with napoli, basil, bocconcini, salad greens & lemon


Spiced Chicken                                                         $28

Served with baba ganoush, crisp slaw, toasted pita bread & yoghurt sauce


Pork Belly Roulade (gf)                                            $32

Apple pickle, cider caramel & fondant potato


Slow Braised Lamb Shank                                       $28

Sweet potato puree, steamed greens & sundried tomato jus


Abalone (gf)                                                              $199

Premium wild caught dried greenlip abalone served with fresh Tasmanian broccoli                           


Seasonally Available         

Chilli Mussels                                                           $29

Served with house baked bread & lemon

Pippie Pappardelle                                                   $32

With garlic, white wine, fresh herbs & tomato


Sourdough, butter, olive oil balsamic                   $9

Chunky fries, aioli                                                          $9

Green salad, house dressing                                     $9

Restaurant in Barilla Bay